Do you want to build your reputation with SMEs?

Each day, OZÉ sends out business tips to thousands of small business owners. Through our Sponsored Business Tips product, OZÉ offers select business partners[1] the opportunity to co-create business tips that promote the business partner’s brand. This form of advertising is called “sponsored content.” Compared to traditional advertising, brand recall is 59% higher after engaging with sponsored content. Additionally, consumers are 14% more likely to seek out more content from or information about the brand. Finally, as consumers feel like they are learning something from the content, sponsored content is perceived more positively than display ads.[2]

Through sponsored business tips you will build targeted awareness and reputation as an expert in your field. OZÉ’s business tips are only read by Ghana’s most serious small businesses and you only pay for tips that are read!

Example: According to the leading jobs platform in Ghana,, it takes companies an average of 2 months to hire a new sales person. Don’t wait until you’ve fired a low performer to start looking for their replacement.

To learn more, please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.  

Illustrative example of daily business tips sent.

Illustrative example of daily business tips sent.


Do you lend money to SMEs?

OZÉ Enterprise is an online platform where you can source and support a portfolio of small business loans. It uses advanced data science to predict the credit risk profile of small businesses. With OZÉ Enterprise by your side you can:

  • Identify which of your customers would make the best candidates for loans

  • Find new small business customers

  • Build relationships with growing businesses who would be ready for a loan in the future

  • Provide a digital management tool to your small business customers

  • Digitally monitor the business performance of companies in your small business loan portfolio

  • Remind customers when payments are coming up do and be warned if they are likely to be late or default

  • Reduce risk and costs

We currently have a waiting list for banks that would like access to this cutting-edge financial technology. To learn more and join our waitlist, please fill out this form below and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

Illustrative example of online portal.

Illustrative example of online portal.


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[1] Only businesses that pass through OZÉ’s diligence process are eligible for this program.

[2] “Storytelling: The Current State of Branded Content”, IPG Media Lab, Forbes and S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, 23 September 2016.