So You Think it's Time to Hire Your First Employee?

So You Think it's Time to Hire Your First Employee?

As an entrepreneur, taking the leap to hire your first employee is a big deal. From that moment forward, you are not just responsible to your customers and your vision, but for the livelihood of another human being (and all the people they financially support).

Before you take this step, there are three questions that you must answer.

What It Means to Be Mission-Driven: Why We Founded OZÉ.

What It Means to Be Mission-Driven: Why We Founded OZÉ.

OZÉ is a for-profit, mission-driven business. But what does that really mean? We created OZÉ because we are on a mission to end unemployment in Africa. No small task, right? But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. And while there are many ways to tackle this issue, we believe the fastest, most sustainable solution is through small businesses, the lifeblood of economies.

Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Social media is all around us but its impact on small businesses is still difficult to calculate. Some posts seem to go viral within a day while others struggle despite months of advertising and planning. This blog introduces the basics of social media, the myriad platforms, and first steps to forming your business’s social media strategy.

How to get reminders for unpaid transactions

Have you ever sold a product on credit and then forgotten to collect? Or maybe you sold a product to a friend on the promise that they would pay you next week and they still haven’t paid you. With reminder alerts, you can receive notifications when payment is coming due and (in the future) so will your customer.

Add a reminder to a transaction

Follow the instructions below to add a reminder to a transaction :

  • Once you’re on the New Transaction screen, scroll down to “Status and Notifications.”

  • Change the Transaction Status to Partial or Unpaid. Once you’ve selected Partial or Unpaid, you will be able to enter more details about the transaction.

    • If you selected Unpaid, you have the option to save without entering more details.

    • If you chose Partial, you must at least enter the “Amount Paid So Far” before clicking SAVE.

  • Enter the Contact Name and Phone Number of the customer or vendor.

  • Enter the date the payment is due. (You can’t get a reminder if there is no due date right!?)

  • At the bottom, you will see the Remind Me option. By default, you will get a reminder the day before the payment is due. If that works for you, proceed to SAVE the transaction.

  • To change when you want to receive a reminder, click on “< 1 week” (which means a week before it is due) or Custom (where you can fit any date you fancy).

  • Click SAVE in the top right corner or bottom right corner.

OZÉ Step-by-Step Guide

OZÉ Step-by-Step Guide

OZÉ is a mobile app that empowers small business owners to make data-driven decisions to improve their performance. Once performance improves, we connect you to the resources that you need to accelerate your growth. Think of it as a cash ledger, but on your phone.

Below is a step-by-step guide for new OZÉ users to download and starting using the app.