How to access daily Coach messages

Have you seen a message by OZÉ Coach but didn’t have the time to read it? Did you read an OZÉ Coach message as a notification and you want to read it again? Or have you just not had the time to read through the messages that were sent in this past week? Well, do not worry! You can access these messages to read them once again! 

How to access daily OZÉ Coach messages

To access the Coach’s messages, kindly follow these steps:

  • In the OZÉ app, select the Menu tab on the top left corner.

  • Then, go on to select “Coach.”

  • On the Coach screen, you will see three tabs; “GOALS”, “MESSAGES” and “BUSINESS TIPS”

  • Click “MESSAGES” to see all the messages you’ve received from Coach. 

  • Tap on the message you wish to read.

  • Select “OKAY” at the bottom right corner of the message when you are finished reading.

  • Help us out by giving a reaction (thumbs up or thumbs down) after you have read the message!