How to add multiple items in one transaction

More often than not, customers purchase more than one item during a transaction. They might purchase a shirt, trousers and a handbag. Again, you probably buy more than one product from your supplier when you have to restock or make other purchases for the business. With the ability to add multiple items or services to one transaction, you can reflect how the sale or expense really happened. (and multiple items even show on receipts!)

Add an additional item to a transaction

Follow the instructions below to enter a second item in a transaction. (Remember, you can only use this feature once you have recorded 15 transactions.)

  • Once you’re on the New Transaction screen, enter the first item as usual

  • After selecting a category, click on “+Add another

  • Add the details for the second item. To continue adding items click “+Add another” to add as many items as you want to include on the transaction

  • Click SAVE in the top right corner or bottom right corner