How to send a receipt

Do you give receipts to your customers? If not, you should give it a try! Giving receipts adds that extra professional touch to the transaction and adds a layer of trust with your customer. Why? Because they now have proof the transaction took place (as do you!) 

If you really want to make your customers smile, try sending them a digital receipt on WhatsApp. There’s nothing quite like a digital receipt that says to your customers you are a modern professional business. Imagine them getting a receipt right on their phone before they’ve even walked out of the shop. Now that’s an experience that will keep them coming back for more. 

Generate and send a receipt 

Follow the instructions below to generate a receipt: 

  • Create a new transaction by clicking NEW in the top right corner OR open any existing transaction.  

  • Click on the RECEIPT button in the bottom left corner. 

  • A receipt will be generated for you with the following information: 

    • Name and contact information of your business

    • Name and contact information of the customer or vendor

    • Number of units (under Qty) 

    • What you sold or bought (under Item)

    • Unit Price 

    • Total Price 

    • Discount (if any) 

    • Transaction status based on if it is marked Paid, Partial Paid, or Unpaid (i.e. GHC 200 paid. OR GHC 100 paid. Balance of GHC 150 due on Sat, 20 June 2019 OR Awaiting Payment

  • Click the Share button at the bottom of the screen and all of your phone’s share options will appear. 

  • Select the app you want to use to share your receipt and follow the prompts! (We recommend WhatsApp, Email or Facebook Messenger. Please note: the ability to send receipts via SMS is coming soon!) 

  • If you have not yet unlocked receipts, when you click on receipts you will see a pop up that reminds you to enter 15 transactions to unlock this awesome feature!