How to share the OZÉ app (and win!)

You love the OZÉ app so far? Looking for a way to share it with friends, family or colleagues? Don’t worry we make it easy for you! And, as a thank you, you stand a chance to win awesome prizes like a Samsung S8 or GHC 500!

How to share the OZÉ app

Kindly follow the instructions below, to ensure that you successfully share the OZÉ app with others:

  • In the OZÉ app, click on the Menu tab at the top left corner.

  • Go on to select Share

  • On the Share screen, select the blue button at the bottom of the screen that says “Share”

  • After you click the blue button, all of your phone’s share options will pop up. Choose the App you want to use. (for example WhatsApp or Email)

  • An image and message will pop up for you to share. (In the content of the message, is your secret code, or your referral code. So make sure to get your friend to use it when they are signing up to increase your chances of winning!)

  • Go on to share the app with as many friends as you like!

By sharing the OZÉ app with others, you are encouraging other small businesses to check their financial health, make data-driven decisions and grow! You are instrumental part of small business success in Africa. Hurray! Thank you for spreading the OZÉ app! As a thank you, don’t forget that the more you share the more likely you are to win GHC 500 for your business. This is the way we, at OZÉ, show you how much we care about your business.