GEt the OZÉ Web App!

Sometimes you are on the go, but sometimes you are at your desk or behind the counter. Now, you can use OZÉ on both your smartphone and your computer or laptop.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost? Using OZÉ on your computer costs GHC 100 per month. Included in that low price you also get OZÉ Pro on your phone. This includes features like adding your business logo to your digital receipts, sending reminders to customers, downloading your data to excel, and advanced filtering.

Can I pay for more than 1 month? Yes, you can pay for 6 months or a year. And, if you buy a year, you get 1 month free! Just click on the appropriate button above for the number of months you want to pay.

Where can I download it? Simply click on Get OZÉ above and make payment. Once your payment is successful we’ll get notified. Within 24 hours, we’ll send you a link via email. Once you received it, click on the link to log in with your existing username and password or, if you are not already an OZÉ user, create a new account! If you have any issues, kindly contact us at +233545750476 or

What if I don’t like OZÉ? Just let us know and we’ll refund you directly.


Looking for the Free Android App? Get it at the PlayStore.