Ending Unemployment in Africa


Entrepreneurs and SMEs are the FUTURE of Africa.

We created OZÉ because we are on a mission to end unemployment in Africa. No small task, right? But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. And while there are many ways to tackle this issue, we believe the fastest, most sustainable solution is through small businesses, the lifeblood of economies.

Small businesses are an under-utilized asset in the fight to create jobs. Just imagine if every small business in Africa grew enough to hire just one more employee. With 150 million registered SMEs on the continent, that could change the course of the unemployment trend. We could actually solve this problem.

We believe the key to this growth is empowering entrepreneurs to use data. That’s why we’ve created intuitive management tools, designed specifically for the African small business owner, which will help them more effectively keep records and make data-driven decisions.

We believe that data-driven management leads to better financial performance and when this business growth is coupled by record-keeping, we can unlock access to capital, markets, and other critical resources. And, with a little luck, we can reverse the trend of unemployment in Africa.